Lauren Alaina Weight Loss before and after Results

In our busy eat and run daily routines maintaining a healthy weight can be tough. While, when we talk about losing weight then it can be even tougher. Everyone wants to attain an attractive and healthy figure which should be appreciated by others. Now a day a healthy physique is everything. Everyone tries hard to achieve a healthy body. For this purpose they do a lot of activities like hard workouts, taking supplements, spending hours in the gym etc. As a healthy body is a key to mental health. So it becomes really necessary for a person to maintain his good health. People adopt various schedules and stick to specific diet plans in order to boost their health. Some people don’t want to work hard and they use steroid for their physical growth.

phenq 600x300 - Lauren Alaina Weight Loss before and after Results

In film and musical industries, your looks matter a lot. Actors, as well as singers, try to maintain their body and to have light weight. Having a lot of weight is considered as a negative impression in these industries. While having an attractive appearance is everything. Similarly, Lauren Alaina drastically lose several pounds of weight after a lot of hard work and struggle. She is a well-known singer. Lauren Alaina is an influential figure. She is a role model for those who wants to lose their weight and gain an attractive appearance. Lauren Alaina was the runner of American idol 2011. After appearing on American idol at the age of 15, her disorder of eating grew severe. When she first steps into the national spotlight, the personal and public scrutiny intensifies and thrust her into a year-long battle with an eating disorder. She calls bulimia as her deepest, darkest secret.

Lauren Alaina’s major problem:

Lauren faces her over-eating problem. She visits the doctor with her mother to treat severe polyps on her vocal cords. At that time Lauren was so sick and her hairs were falling in clumps. The doctor inquires her regarding eating disorder. The doctor advise her to make herself throw up otherwise bulimia could end her singing career.

After her show, she went on the tour of American idol. To lose her weight she starts eating 500 calories a day and also took injections in her legs. That result in Bulimia, which she manages to hide by maintaining a light diet and exercise regimen. Through this, she quickly drops 40 pounds. She says that she makes herself able to hide her eating disorder through strict diet and exercise plan.

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Alaina’s attempts:

Alaina was very conscious regarding her eating disorder and increasing weight. Lauren was having a disorder relation with food as early as 11 years old. This means that Alaina battled problems related eating disorder in her teens before gaining weight. But one year ago, Lauren decided to change her habits for good. She amped up her fitness regimen with a trainer, high carb diet using a meal delivery service and started boxing.  Lauren starts to sought treatment at 18 and spends the next two years in boosting her self-confidence. She also stepped towards many exercises and a healthy diet plan. She thought this can help her in gaining an attractive eye catching appearance.

Laurens diet plan:

While telling about the secret of diet in weight loss, Alaina confesses, healthy diet really helps her in gaining slender body shape. Due to not having the adequate know-how of balanced diet, Lauren prefers having pre-packaged meals.

Lauren’s meals have a proportionate ratio of nutrients, they are high in proteins and are low in carbs. Though the meals don’t have an appropriate ratio of whole grains, but that is not a big issue. Following are the typical diet regimes of Lauren Alaina.

  • Breakfast: Alaina prefers to have scrambled eggs, egg white and omelette etc in her breakfast.
  • Lunch: Alaina’s lunch is composed of mixed veggies, shrimp etc.
  • Dinner: She likes to have chicken and asparagus in her dinner.

Apart from this Alaina learnt myriad healthy eating habits, which are unidentified to her before shedding. She comprehended the fact, she could keep checking her weight by practising portion control, even without being cold-hearted to her body. Now she eats every single thing she adores. However, she never forgets to keep up moderation in her food. Now she follows the Atkins diet.

Lauren Alaina’s workouts:

Lauren describes workouts as an effective mean to strip off pounds. She practised diverse workouts such as crunches, squats, lunges, push-ups etc. to shed away calories. It indeed was not an easy task for Alaina to zap pounds. But in spite of all that she shaved off pounds from her full body. She shares that she has not yet reached her weight loss objective, and she is still 10 pounds away from her goal.

Crushes are effective means to tone your abdominal muscles. Mere ten minutes of intense crushes can burn sixty-five to hundred calories from your body. It’s a swift and most rewarding way of exercise. Along with torching calories, crushes can also help you in improving your posture, which further saves you from back pain and spinal related problems.

Lauren Alaina’s Weight shed:

Through diet and exercises, the singer was able to shed 27 pounds in her last 12 months she loses the first 10 ten pounds through working out on her own. In the last six months, Lauren partnered with chef Abby at vibe chefs who makes and delivers her the meals and uppers her workouts with opera. Lauren Alaina’s diet is high protein packed with lean meats and vegetables and is low in carbohydrates. Previously, Alaina ate pizza every day and Lauren started alternating walk and jog intervals on the treadmill and has worked her way up to sprinting.

Lauren Alaina’s message for her fans:

She said that for anyone struggling with their own body image issues or an eating disorder, her best advice is to learn to treat yourself with kindness. She recommends her fans to stop being paranoid by unfair comparisons made between each other. You all have your own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of focusing on your negative traits, should you divert your attention to your assets, you can soar to the height of great success and glory.

phenq 600x300 - Lauren Alaina Weight Loss before and after Results

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