Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss before and after Results

Weight loss is about healthy lifestyle choices.  And it takes the time to change those habits that led you to pack on pounds.  Some of us are emotional eaters, which basically means when you are upset, stressed or depressed you turn to food to feel better.  It’s really no different than one turning to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or work (workaholic). 

Kelly Clarkson, one of our favorite singers, caused uproar after winning American Idol in 2002.and from that day she is famous for her superb voice as well as her drastically weight fluctuations. She is the one who appears in varied body shapes every time she comes in public.  She has been under so much scrutiny with her weight gains and losses after winning American Idol and now she has shed a lot of her weight and is now an influential example for many people with overweight problems.

phenq 600x300 - Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss before and after Results

Weight shed:

After years of battling to keep her weight at a steady level, Kelly has finally shed pounds as she prepares for a summer filled with TV appearance. Although, Clarkson is happy with her weight loss and she has never vowed to completely lose her curves and has no desire to be super skinny. After winning the most talked about singing competition Kelly first lost thirty pounds. Then she again dazzled everyone with her sleek and curvy body in 2013, when she shed eighteen pounds.

Kelly Clarkson’s workout routine:

Kelly Clarkson thinks that a balancing life schedule is really important for maintaining good health as well as the good physical body. This is the reason which motivates her to lose extra pounds.

Kelly recalls the time when she was free from work and had all the free time in the world. She became lazy and she also gained extra pounds during that time. The most imperative key to Kelly Clarkson weight loss is her busy schedule.

Kelly Clarkson Weighloss result

Aside from that, she steps towards the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise.  She has been working out five days per week and monitors her food portions, there are also times when she spent one to two hours in the gym for practicing workouts. She accentuates strength training such as weight lifting. This is a powerful workout and it tones your muscles and shapes your body parts. Kelly, in fact, has set an inspiring example in front of all those women who feel frustrated with their unstable weight.

Kelly Clarkson diet plan:

Extra fat acts as an alarming signal and it alerts her to become more practical about her diet plan. She abides by healthy diet regime which is comprised of plenty of nutritious and healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, fish etc.

According to Kelly, diet alone cannot help you in shedding pounds; you also need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. She avoids late night eating and she thinks that it is really a bad habit and can damage health very badly.

 Exercises adopted:

Kelly has adopted many exercises to lose her weight and to gain an attractive appearance. In short, she is having a proper schedule of her exercises which she obeys five times a week to maintain her health and to be able to manage the problem of her increasing weight. Kelly Clarkson weight loss schedule includes various steps and workouts. Exercises involving in her schedule are listed below, which you can also adopt to lose your weight just like Kelly, with appropriate durations:

  1. Ball Push up Hand to Hand:( complete as many as you can but no less than 25 )
  2. Mountain Climbers:( Complete as many as you can, but no less than 50 )
  3.  Crazy 8 Lunges:( Complete 25 reps )
  4. Jump Squats:( Complete as many as you can, but no less than 25 )
  5. Boxing Cardio Burst: ( Box as fast as you can for 3 minutes )
  6.  Squats with Jumping Jacks:( Complete 25 reps )
  7. Erase the Board:(Complete as many as you can without breaking form )
  8. Boxing Cardio Burst:(Box for three more minutes, then rest and go back to the beginning of the workout to complete a total of 3 to 5 sets )

Other interests:

Hiking and playing golf are her all-time favorite. These activities make her feel more confident and refreshed. Apart from them she also tried yoga once; but she altogether confesses her failure to make all those difficult postures, yoga requires you to make. Though she could not make yoga a part of her workout regime but she still acknowledges it and suggests her fans practice yoga.


You all have seen great transitions taking place in Kelly’s body weight. However, only a few of us know that every time she appears in slimmer shape, she had well-defined goal inspiring her to lose weight. In 2013 when she dropped eighteen pounds, she wished to look a gorgeous bride.

kelly clarkson


Happiness is the biggest reason that enables Kelly to drop her weight. She considers love as the most beautiful feeling in the world. She contends, when you are in love with someone, you actually begin loving you more than ever, which gives you an amazing confidence and energy.

Happiness indeed gets reflected on your face and body. Just like all other habits, happiness too is a habit, and the beauty of this habit is, once you learn how to be blissful, no force in the world can depress you.

Healthy lifestyle:

Your lifestyle greatly affects your body and skin. Kelly Clarkson follows a healthy lifestyle and makes a commitment to her that she will always take care of her body.

 Kelly Clarkson adopted following traits for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Hit bed early at night and wake up early in the morning.
  • Have your breakfast within an hour after waking up.
  • Practice exercises for thirty minutes in a day.
  • Inculcate mindful eating i.e. no snacking while watching TV, or while doing some other work.
  • Always have your dinner at least two hours before hitting the .
  • No matter where you are, take a for five to ten minutes after lunch or dinner.
  • Don’t shrink your sleeping hours in order to do official work in routine.

phenq 600x300 - Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss before and after Results

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